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About Us

About us


We collect and share publicly available information about unknown phone numbers in America with our visitors. We also compile feedbacks from our users and create a database and share it with other visitors.

Basically, we are the community that we have created for you to know in advance about possible transactions, possible fraud or similar situations, that is, the situations that are high for you.

What is important here is to provide information by blending publicly available phone numbers with users' feedback before being scammed or to prevent others from falling into this situation.

By registering to our e-mail list, we aim to share and warn you with current and suspicious phone numbers. In this case, we want to minimize your victimization.

There is no membership on our website, our goal is to make your comments and feedback as fast as possible. In this way, we think that information sharing will increase.

We expect our visitors to share their grievances or similar situations with our other visitors so that everyone can benefit.

You can join this community by contributing to our website.

We thank you.